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This area is available to tell your product or service story. Read on to learn the story of the $500 website.

What is a $500 Website?

It's the easy and affordable solution to your need for a professional, custom website. A $500 Website includes...

  • Customized graphics. The most obvious graphic, the banner, is designed just for you, and can include your logo and photos! Pictures are worth a thousand words.
  • Customized color scheme. The colors in this sample site were extracted from the art. Colors you use already can be used, or leave it up to the designer!
  • Four pages — "Home", plus three additional pages. The three additional pages in this sample website include "Contact", "About", and "Content, Product or Service", but you decide what content you want.
  • Interactive navigation. Navigation links change as the cursor passes over and make the site more interesting.
  • One image per page, if desired. Your images are developed into attractive graphics.
  • Your content. Content is developed from your already-existing materials or site.
  • Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Behind-the-scenes tactics, such as text-based navigation and proper application of meta information, help your site appear on searches.

What if I want animation, or I need a bigger site?

The $500 Website is indeed bare bones, to enable those who want something more than prefab templates to have a clean, functional website which is in strict compliance with modern web and search engine standards. While part of any website's cost is content development, much of the cost is devoted to graphics development. In dynamic sites - for example, a site which includes online shopping - there is the cost of programming the desired action sequences. Since there is no animation or dynamic programming in a $500 Website, the cost is low.

Touch your F5 key to re-energize the animation.

The $500+ Website

It is true that animated graphics and dynamic action add impact and expand functionality. But they also demand development time, and that adds cost. A $500+ Website can provide enhanced features like these. Check the $500+ Website box on the contact form for more information.

I really don't have any existing materials. How would content be developed in that case?

For an additional fee, your designer can develop content on your behalf. You both will participate in detailed discussions about the desired content. Your designer will create content based on your comments and offer it for your approval.

Does a $500 Website get me on the web?

First, there must be a URL — the "www". If you don't already have one, a URL must be applied for and purchased. This procedure can often be done through the same firm which supplies your hosting.

Hosting space must also be purchased. A search for "web hosting" will generate a generous list of firms offering that service. A UNIX server is preferred for a variety of reasons. Once completed, your $500 Website or $500+ Website can be transferred directly to your server location.

For an additional fee, your $500 Website designer can take handle these details for you.

Once I have a website, what if I need or want to make changes?

On-Demand Maintenance is available for a nominal fee. Costs are usually determined by how extensive the changes are. Check the On-Demand Maintenance box on the contact form for more information.

What are the terms?

A 50% deposit is required to begin. Review of work in progress is accomplished through a functioning temporary website. Once the site is completed, and the remaining 50% received, the site is uploaded for public access.


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